Pokémon Go Stardust Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Stardust Info and VIDEO

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What is Stardust Used For

Pokémon Go Stardust is used in conjunction with Candy to Power Up your Pokémon. This increases there CP and HP Levels. Unlike Candy, all Pokémon use the same stardust in Pokémon Go. Your Pokémon’s Max CP Level will increase as your trainer level increases.

Where can I get More Stardust

  • Catching Pokémon 100 Stardust + Candy
  • Hatching Eggs
    2k eggs: 400-800 stardust + Candy and XP
    5k eggs: 800-1600 stardust
    10k eggs 1600-3200 stardust
  • Defending a Gym – stardust varies ? Gyms
  • Daily Bonus for Catching your First Pokémon
    Day 1 – 6 extra 600 stardust + XP
    Day 7 extra 3000 stardust

Powering Up Pokemon Video

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