Pokémon Go Special Items and Evolutions Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Special Items and Evolutions

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Special Item Evolutions

  • Sun Stone Evolves
    Gloom into Bellossom with 100 Candies.
  • evolving gloom into bellossom using special item kings rock
    Sunkern into Sunflora with 50 Candies.
    pokemon go evolving sunkern into sunflora using special item sun stone
  • King’s Rock Evolves
    Poliwhirl into Politoed with 100 Candies.
    evolving poliwhirl politoad with special item kings rock
    Slowpoke into Slowking with 100 Candies.
    evolving slowpoke into slowking using special item kings rock
  • Metal Coat Evolves
    Onix into Steelix with 50 Candies.
    evolving onix into steelix with special item metal coat
    Scyther into Scizor with 50 Candies.
    evolving scyther into scizor with special item metal coat
  • Dragon Scale Evolves
    Seadra into Kingdra with 100 Candies.
    POKEMON GO EVOLVING sedra kingdra dragon scale.
  • Up-Grade Evolves
    Porygon into Porygon2 with 50 Candies.
    POKEMON GO porygon into porygon 2

Where can I get Special Items

Special Items are received from spinning Pokéstops along with your regular items. These special items are quite rare and from my personal experience are received from 1 in 60 Pokéstop interactions on average. Thankfully 7 Day Pokéstop Streaks guarantee a Special Item.

Special Items from 7 Day Streaks

The only way to guarantee Special Items is to participate in Pokémon Go’s 7 Day Streak program.
All you need to do is make sure you interact with at least one Pokéstop every day. On your first spin on day 7 you will be rewarded with a Special Item.

Receiving and Evolving Pokémon – Special Items VIDEO 

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