Pokémon Go – Professor Willow and Assistants VIDEO and Info

Pokémon Go – Professor Willow and Assistants

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 Who is Pokémon Go’s Professor Willow

Professor Willow introduces you to the “Pokémon Go” world. He explains how to catch Pokémon, and rewards you with candy when you send him Pokémon you’ve caught and don’t need. For each pokémon you send to Professor Willow you will receive 1 candy for that type of Pokémon and all Pokémon have different types of candy.

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Professor Willows 3 Assistants

The Professor has 3 assistants, each is the head of a Pokémon Go team represented by one of the Legendary Bird mascots.

      • Team Valor Assistant – Candela – Legendary Bird Moltres
      • Team Mystic Assistant – Blanche – Legendary Bird Articuno
      • Team Instinct Assistant – Spark – Legendary Bird Zapdos

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What do Professor Willows 3 Assistants Do

The assistants study Pokemon from the Gyms when they have control of them and do appraisal on the Pokémon you catch.

Candela the  leader of team Valor, studies Pokémon Strength, some trainers believe that there Pokémon are stronger because they train to naturally enhance Pokémon power.

Blanche the leader of team Mystic, studies Pokémon Evoloution, some trainers believe that by remaining calm and analyzing situations gives them a winning edge in battles.

Spark the leader of team Instinct, studies Pokémon Breeding, some trainers believe that the secret to a Pokémon’s intuition is linked to how they are hatched.

Pokemon Go Appraisals Video

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