Pokémon Go – Power up VIDEO and Info

Pokémon Go – Power up your Pokémon
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How to Power Up a Pokémon

To power up your Pokémon first you will need the required Stardust and Candy.

  1. From your Game Play Screen touch the Pokéball Menu at Bottom.
  2. Touch the Pokémon tab.
  3. Select the Pokémon you would like to power up.
  4. Check the required Stardust and Candy.
  5. Tap the Power Up tab.

This process can be repeated when you have enough stardust, candy and space on your CP Meter bar. When your CP Meter is full you will need to increase your trainer level to Power Up your Pokémon further.

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Why won’t my Pokémon Power Up

There should only be 4 reasons for not being able to Power Up a Pokémon.

  1. Not Enough Candy.
  2. Not Enough Stardust.
  3. Trainer Level is too low and your Pokemon CP Meter is Full.
  4. Your Pokemon is Assigned to a Gym.
    You can’t power up Pokemon when they are defending gyms.

Powering Up Pokémon Video

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