Pokémon Go Potions Explained – VIDEO and Info

Pokémon Go Potions Explained

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What are Pokémon Go Potions

Potions are used to restore a Pokémon HP after gym battles and training. A Revive will need to be used first when a battle is lost and your Pokémon is fainted. Potions are received from interacting with pokéstops and Leveling Up, these are stored in your items storage.

You will start to receive potions from level 5 when you are able to train and battle in Gyms.

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Different Types of Pokémon Go Potions

There are 4 types of potions available, Potion, Super Potion Hyper Potion and Max Potion.

Potion is a medicine that will restore a Pokémon’s HP by 20 points.
This is the most common potion you will receive from pokéstops.

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Super Potion
is a medicine that will restore 50 points to your Pokémon’s HP level.
You will start receiving Super Potion at Level 10.

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Hyper Potion will restore by 200 points to a Pokémon’s HP, this potion is obtainable
at level 15.

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Max Potion
 will fully restore any pokémon’s HP and will be available from level 25.

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Potions rewarded from leveling up

    • Level – 5  you will receive 10      Potion + other items
    • Levels – 6 – 9  you will receive 10 potion
    • Level – 10  you will receive 10   Super Potion
    • Levels – 11 – 14  you will receive 10 Super Potion
    • Level – 15  you will receive 20   Hyper Potion
    • Levels – 16 – 19 you will receive 10 Hyper Potion
    • Level – 20  you will receive 20 Hyper Potion
    • Levels – 21 – 24 you will receive 10 Hyper Potion
    • Level – 25 you will receive 20 Max Potion
    • Levels – 26 – 29 you will receive 15 Max Potion
    • Level – 30 you will receive 20 Max Potion
    • Levels – 31 – 34 you will receive 15 Max Potion
    • Level – 35 you will receive 20 Max Potion
    • Level – 36– 39 you will receive 20 Max Potion
    • Level – 40 you will receive 40 Max Potion

How to use Pokémon Go Potions

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  1. From your Game Play Screen, touch the Pokéball Menu at bottom.
  2. Touch the Items Tab.
  3. Scroll down your items and touch the potion you would like to use.
  4. A new screen will open with all the Pokémon that the potion can be used on, if no Pokémon appear in the screen you may need to use the Revive first.

Tips on using Potions

It’s best not to use up all one type of potion at once, with a little practice you will learn what ones to use first.

If I’m at a Gym with other trainers, I like to revive my Pokémon fast after Battling or Training, I save my Max Revives and Max Potions for these situations.

After I get home, I revive my Depleted Pokémon’s HP  carefully, depending on the Pokémon, I will choose a Hyper or Super Potion first, these will sometimes fully restore a Pokémon’s HP, especially the Hyper Potion, if there’s a small amount to go I will then use Standard Potion to finish it off.

More often than not I will have an excess of Super Potions and maybe even Hyper Potions as well and I won’t need to worry about it too much, after my Pokémon are all revived and if know I will be hunting around pokéstops I usually delete all my standard Potions and sometimes the better ones as well to make room for more pokéballs.

Receiving and Using Potions VIDEO

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