Pokémon Go Pokéstop Daily Bonus and Rewards Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go – Pokéstops and Rewards Items

Collecting items from pokéstops is one of the games most fun activities, you receive Pokéballs, Incubator Eggs, RevivesPotions and Special Items. Pokestops are set at popular Landmarks in most areas, I always go hunting for Pokémon in places heavily populated with pokéstops , sometimes I end up with more Balls than I started with.

How to use a Pokéstop

how to use pokestops

When you get close enough to a pokéstop, and the distance does seem to vary depending on Landscape and GPS Reception, the pokéstop will change form, from the a Blue Cube into a Spinning Blue Pokémon Symbol, Tap the Symbol and you can view the Landmark Symbol where the pokéstop is placed, spin this to the side to receive your items.The amount of items received varies.

Lots of pokéstops usually means lots of Pokémon spawning nearby and you can also set Lure Modules at pokéstops, you will know when one has been set by the pink Petals floating around the pokéstop. How to set Lure Modules.

how to set a lure module

Pokéstops can be viewed from far away, if you can see them on your game screen you can tap on them to view the landmark where they are set, this is especially useful when your are in a unfamiliar area or on holiday, you can view Pokémon Gyms in the sane way.

Rewards Items from Pokéstops

  • Great Balls – start at level 12
  • Ultra Balls – start at level 20
  • Revive
  • Max Revive – Start at level 30
  • Potion
  • Super Potion – start at level 10
  • Hyper Potion – start at level 15
  • Max Potion – start at level 25
  • Razz Berries
  • Pinap Berries
  • Nanab Berries
    Special Items
  • Sun Stone
  • Kings Rock
  • Dragon Scale
  • Upgrade
  • Metal Coat

Receiving Items from Pokéstops Video

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