Pokémon Go – Pokéshop Coins and Items Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go – Pokéshop Coins and Items

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The Pokémon Go in game Shop is were you can to go to purchase items and Collect your Earned Coins. If you don’t want to slowly build up your coins from Gym Battles and Training in Gyms you can get out the Credit Card and do it the easy way.

How to purchase Coins and Items from the Pokéshop

There are two stages to purchasing items, collecting or purchasing coins and exchanging
coins for Shop Items. If you have less than 80 Pokécoins you will need to purchase some
more of these first.

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Pokémon Go Pokécoins 
Pokécoins are the currency for purchases in the Pokémon Go In Game Shop. These coins can be purchased by Credit Card, Visa Debit and Paypal.

You can also earn coins from Battling and Defending your team Gyms these coins can accumulated and can be collected Every 21 hours.

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How to purchase Pokécoins from the Pokéshop

  1. From Game Play Sereen, touch the Pokéball Menu at bottom.
  2. Touch the Shop Menu
  3. Touch the Coin package you would like to purchase.
  4. You will then prompted to complete the purchase via Google Play on Android devices
    or via iTunes on iOS devices.
  5. Your available Pokécoins will appear at the top of the screen.

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How to exchange Pokecoins for Items

  1. From the Pokémon Go Game Shop touch the item package you would like to purchase.
  2. Tap on the Exchange For tab if you have enough Pokécoins for the item.
  3. Touch an item to select it for exchange.
  4. Your items will appear in your Bag and your exchanged coins will be deducted from your
    coin total.pokemon go pokeshop bag and storage upgrades

Other Items in Shop

Purchasing Pokécoins and Items VIDEO

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