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What is the Difference Between Pokémon Go Balls

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Pokéballs are an essential item in Pokémon Go. When you download pokémon go and start a new game from Level 1 you will have 50 pokéballs to use.

Pokemon Go red pokeball
Poke ball
Pokéballs are the balls you start with in the game and the only balls available for purchase, you can also receive these from Pokéstops with other items such as, Razz Berries, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions and Revives and Eggs.
Pokemon Go great ball
Great Ball
Great Balls can be obtained at Pokéstops and are stronger than Pokéballs, these are best used for higher cp level Pokémon, you can start receiving these balls at Level 12.
Pokemon Go ultra ball
Ultra Ball
The Ultra Ball is the best Ball obtainable in the game for now, these are best to be saved for Extra Strong or Desirable Pokémon you want, you can receive these from Pokéstops as well and will be available from Level 20.
Pokemon Go master ball
Master Ball
Master Balls are not available in the game at this point, however they have been seen in the coding of the game and hopefully will be available soon, it is said that Master Balls are inescapable.

Most Pokémon trainers save up as many Great Balls and Ultra Balls as they can to use on Rare Pokémon or ones that keep escaping from regular Pokéballs.

What do the Coloured Rings Mean in Pokémon GO

Before you throw your pokéball at a Pokémon hold down on the ball. Doing this will make colour rings appear. These range from Green to Red with green being the easiest catch and Red the hardest. Also the smaller the inner ring is the better chance of catching the Pokémon.

pokemon go selecting the rite balls

Pokémon Go – How to Choose the Best Ball to Use

You can see in the photos above by changing your ball the Pokémon will become easier to catch. Use the coloured rings as a guide and choose a ball that makes these green or closest to it.
See VIDEO at bottom of page.

Pokémon Go Extra XP for Curve Balls and Nice Throws

pokemon go curve ball extra xp
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Extra XP is rewarded for catching Pokemon from throwing Curve Balls and landing good shots.

  • Curve Ball 10 XP
  • First Throw 50 XP
  • Nice Throw 10 XP
  • Great Throw 50 XP
  • Exellent Throw 100 XP

How can I get more Pokéballs

Pokéballs can be acquired in three ways –

    1. When you visit pokéstops you will usually get one or more balls, hunting for Pokémon in areas heavily populated with pokéstops is well worth it.
    2. Pokéballs can be purchased from the In Game Shop and are the only type of ball that can be purchesed – More Info on Purchasing Balls and other Items.

  1. You will receive Pokéballs, Great Balls and Ultra Balls as rewards for Leveling Up.

Balls Received from Leveling up Pokémon Go

      • Level – 2  you will receive 10 Pokéballs + other items
      • Levels – 3 and 4  you will receive 15 Pokéballs
      • Level – 5  you will receive 20 Pokéballs
      • Levels – 6 – 11 you will receive 15 Pokéballs
      • Level – 12  you will receive 20   Great Balls
      • Levels – 13 – 15  you will receive 15 Great Balls
      • Level – 16- 18  you will receive 10 Great balls
      • Levels – 19  you will receive 15 Great Balls
    • Level – 20 you will receive 20 Ultra Balls
    • Levels – 21 – 23 you will receive 10 Ultra Balls
    • Level – 24 you will receive 15 Ultra Balls
    • Levels – 25 you will receive 25 Ultra Balls
    • Level – 26 – 28 you will receive 10 Ultra Balls
    • Level – 29  you will receive 15 Ultra Balls
    • Level – 30 you will receive 30 Ultra Balls
    • Level – 31 – 34 you will receive 10 Ultra Balls
    • Level –35 you will receive 30 Ultra Balls
    • Level –36 – 39 you will receive 20 Ultra Balls
    • Level –40 you will receive 40 Ultra Balls

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There has been times when I have been more of a ball collector than Pokémon Hunter, I like to have my items storage stocked with as many balls as I can, the maximum I sometimes achieve is around 920, as I also like to keep a good stock of Max Revives, and Max Potions.

Tsuruma Park, Nagoya, Japan

Tsuruma park
This is Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan. The fountain area looks like a giant Pokéball and started attracting Pokémon GO players after a Mewtwo rumour began circulating on Twitter. Reportedly over a thousand players quickly showed up, many after midnight, to try their luck at finding the elusive monster. Suffice it to say, no one had much luck, that said, it seems Tsuruma is a pretty good capture spot in general.

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The park’s history goes back to the year 1909. In 1910, the 10th Kansai Area Prefectural Union Joint Exposition was held at Tsuruma Park. It features a large water fountain and a gazebo for music bands from the early 20th century, constructed in the European style fashionable at that time.

Pokémon Go Difference between Balls Video

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