Pokémon Go Pikachu Special Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Pikachu Special Info and VIDEO

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Pikachu Trivia – Did you know

  • Pikachu can possibly be a starter Pokémon. This can be achieved by walking away from the original three choices and causing them to respawn 4 or 5 times until Pikachu appears.
  • pIKACHU SITTING ON TRAINERS SHOULDER AS BUDDY POKEMONPikachu is the only Pokémon that says its name instead of just making a noise.
  • If you walk with Pikachu as your buddy for 10 or more km, it will sit on your shoulder instead of standing next to you.

Pikachu and raichu Photos


Santa Hat Pikachu Special

Santa Hat Pikachu was released to celebrate Christmas 2016 and was available to be caught until Dec 29 2016.

Pikachu and raichu in santa hat Photos

Party Hat Pikachu Special

Party Hat Pikachu was released to celebrate Pokémon Day Febuary 27th.
The event lasted for 11 days, Feb 26th 2017 through March 6 2017.

Pikachu and raichu in party hat Photos

Female Pikachu and Raichu

Female Pikachu and Raichu have been removed from Pokémon Go.

Female pikachu and raichu

Pokémon Go Pikachu Special VIDEO

In this video I catch a wild Pikachu and evolve a Santa Hat Pikachu.
Next I catch and Evolve a Party Hat Pikachu and train with Pikachu and Raichu in a Level 10 Gym.

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