Pokémon Go – How to use Lucky Eggs Info and VIDEO

What are Pokémon Go Lucky Eggs used for

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Lucky Eggs give you double XP for 30 minutes for all xp gaining activities.

Lucky Eggs are probably the most useful item in Pokémon Go to gain XP and Level up Fast.

It’s best to be productive when using a lucky egg, try to go hunting in a area heavily populated with Pokémon and Pokéstops and try to get those Eggs hatching during this time aswell.

Lucky Eggs give you double XP for these activities.

How do I get Lucky Eggs

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Like most of the other items in Pokémon Go these are obtained as rewards for levelling up and can be purchased with Pokécoins from the shop.

Levels you get rewarded with Lucky Eggs

  • Level 9 you will receive 1 lucky Egg + other items
  • Level 10 you will receive 1 Lucky Egg 
  • Level 15 you will receive 1 Lucky Egg
  • Level 20 you will receive 2 Lucky Eggs
  • Level 25 you will receive 1 Lucky Egg
  • Level 30 you will receive 3 Lucky Eggs
  • Level 35 you receive 1 Lucky Egg
  • Level 40 you will receive 4 Lucky Eggs

How to use use your lucky egg

pokemon go how to use a lucky egg

  1. From your Game Play Screen, touch the Pokéball Menu at bottom.
  2. Touch the Items Tab.
  3. Scroll down your items and touch Lucky Egg.
  4. The Lucky Egg will appear on your game screen, touch to get started.
  5. The Lucky Egg will last for 30 minutes, a countdown timer will start in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Pokémon Go Video – Purchasing lucky egg from shop and evolving 26 Pokémon

Videos A – Z

In the Video I receive 40 Pokécoins after my 20 hour wait from assigning 4 Pokémon to gyms. Then I purchase a Lucky Egg from the Pokémon Go in game store. I evolve 75 Pokémon which I have ready using the lucky egg, I only have the first 26 on this video the others were Pidgeys I was saving up.. The Pokémon I evolve on this video are –

Evolve – Into
Chinchou – Lanturn
Abra – Kadabra – Alakazam
Totodile – Croconaw – Feraligatr
Seel – Dewong
Cubone – Marowak
Phanpy – Donphan
Squirtle – Wartortle
Ponyta – Rapidash
Doduo – Dodrio
Magnamite – Magneton
Elekid – Electabuzz
Slugma – Macargo
Ekans – Arbok
Voltorb – Electrode
Vulpix – Ninetales
Zubat – Goldbat
Igglybuff – Jigglypuff – Wigglytuff
Marill – Azumarill
Wooper – Quagsire
Tentacool – Tentacruel
Venonat – Venomoth
Mankey – Primeape
Horsea – Sedra
Krabby – Kingler
Sandshrew – Sandslash