Pokémon Go Hatching and Incubating Eggs

Pokémon Go Hatching and Incubating Eggs

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When you visit Pokéstop, sometimes you will find a Pokémon Egg along with the other items. These will be stored in your Egg Storage, not with your other items.

There are 3 types of eggs that can be collected, 2km, 5km, and 10km. Each type holds specific types of Pokémon for the distance needed to hatch them. Generally the longer the distance eggs hatch better Pokémon, but this depends on what Pokémon you have already, Egg Hatching Guide.

3 kinds of eggs for incubators

Pokémon Go How to use a Incubator

You will need to place a egg into an incubator and the egg will hatch after you have walked the distance for the egg type. Up to 9 eggs can be stored in your egg storage including ones that are incubating. Nine eggs can be incubating at one time, but you will need to have 9 incubators for this.

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  1. From your Game Play Screen touch the Pokéball Menu at bottom.
  2. Touch the Pokémon tab
  3. At the top of right side of the screen, touch the word Eggs.
  4. Select one of your Eggs.
  5. Touch Start Incubation
  6. Select an incubator to use on your Egg
  7. See your egg in incubator
  8. Walk to hatch the Egg

Tips for Hatching Pokemon Go Eggs

How can I get more Incubators

You will have 1 Unlimited Incubator to use from the start of the game. Extra incubators can be purchased from the in Game Store. One incubator will cost 150 pokécoins and you can use this 3 times, How to purchase itemsYou won’t receive any eggs from Pokéstop while your egg storage is full with maximum of 9 including incubating eggs.

Levels you get rewarded with Incubators

  • Level 6 you will receive 1 Incubator + other items
  • Level 10 you will receive 1 Incubator
  • Level 15 you will receive 1  Incubator
  • Level 20 you will receive 2  Incubators
  • Level 25 you will receive 1 Incubator
  • Level 30 you will receive 3 Lucky Eggs
  • Level 35 you receive 1  Incubator
  • Level 40 you will receive 4  Incubators

Pokémon Go Incubating and Hatching Eggs Video

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In the Video I receive a egg from a Pokéstop and show the incubating process. I have added one of my 9 x 10km egg hatching videos at the end.

Videos A – Z
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The first Egg hatches me a Scyther CP 1381 and HP 91.
Number two is a Cabuto CP 670 and HP 44, these are fairly rare.
Next is a Elekid baby Pokémon, CP 583 and HP 60.
The forth Pokémon to evolve is another baby, Smoochum CP 692 and HP 62.
Number five Magby, yet another baby Pokémon CP 645 and HP 60.
The sixth Pokémon to hatch is Smoochum CP 678 and HP 62. Maby I collected these eggs near a child care center or Maternity Hospital.
Well Chansey isn’t a baby but it is a Egg Pokémon, CP 792 and HP 305.
The eighth Pokémon is a nice Aerodactyl CP 1448 and HP 104.
Last one to hatch is another Elekid CP 588 and HP 59.

Pokémon Go Tips to Hatch Eggs

Tips for hatching eggs

  • Keep the Pokémon Go app open, Eggs won’t incubate when game in turned off.
  • Don’t travel too fast, the latest update has put the maximum speed to 10.5 km
    for hatching Eggs and Buddy Distance Candies.

Trick – Keep your app running as much as possible even when your at home
with your phone on the table, the GPS is constantly updating and will make your
trainer avatar gain some km’s even when you are not, on a good day I can gain
around 2km’s from this. Another way to Fast Track this is to switch between
apps, you will need to test how long you can go to another app before Pokémon Go
will close, sometimes the GPS will be very responsive to this and I have gained up
to 1km per hour from doing this, ( sometimes this works sometimes it won’t)
even turning the app on and off will usually add some km’s.
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