Pokémon Go Gym Battles and Training Info and VIDEO

Gym Battles and Training in a Pokémon Go Gym

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There are lots of different ways to enjoy playing Pokémon Go. I have found that most trainers have different priorities. Some are mostly keen to catch and evolve all the Pokémon they can, some are obsessed with hatching eggs and others are mainly in it for the Gym Battles and Training.

You will need to reach Level 5 in Pokémon Go before Professor Willow  will ask you to join a team and allow you to Battle and Train in Gyms.

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Besides fun, what do you get from Gym Battles and Training

Gym Battles – There are a few good reasons for wanting to battle in Gyms besides just for the fun of it.

    1. You get to help out your team by lowering the Prestige and making it easier to be overtaken.
    2. If you can go all the way and overtake the gym you can Assign a Pokémon and claim 10 Pokécoins Pokécoins can only be claimed 0nce every 21 hours – Scroll down page for More Info. 

  1. If you assign a Pokémon to a gym your Trainer Name and Pokémon can be seen by all.trainers in gym

How to take over a Rival Teams Gym

Once you’r close enough to a gym to enter it (within the expanding radar circle around the gym ) tap on the gym and it will open and let you in.From here you can choose to battle by taping on the Battle Icon in the bottom right hand corner, you will have 6 of your Pokémon Pre-Selected for you but these can be changed if you like.

To change your Pokémon battle lineup just click the Pokémon you would like to change and your Pokémon storage list will open, choose the Pokémon you would like to replace. When you are ready to battle tap on the GO icon and your first battle will begin.

How to battle in a pokemon go gym

How to Battle in a Pokémon Go Gym

    1.  Start – As soon as both Pokémon are on screen and the GO command has disappeared your battle will begin.

    1. Quick Battle Moves -Tap the screen quickly, this will get your Pokémon Battling with it’s Quick moves.

  1. Charge Moves – To use Charge Moves hold your finger on the screen until the Charge Line goes to the end of the Charge Bars, the Charge Bars are at the top, when your finger if taken off the screen the Charge Attack is performed – Scroll down page for More Info on Quick Moves and Charge Moves.
  2. Dodging Attacks – to dodge attacks swipe your finger sideways across the screen, this takes some practice be effective.

How to Train in a Pokémon Go Gym

Training in a Gym is similar to battling in one except that you train in your own teams gym, the aim will be to raise the gyms prestige high enough to assign your Pokémon and help defend it.

Pokémon Go Gym Charge Moves Explained

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Also known as Special Moves, Special Attack, and Charge Attack. This is the second or special attack, executed by holding your finger down on your own Pokémon until your charge bar is full. All Charge Moves require specific amount of Energy (Stamina) which is generated using Quick Moves.

Charge Moves have way more Damage per Second (DPS) compared to Quick Moves. Therefore it’s highly recommended to use them as often as possible. On the other hand, Charge Moves require Energy (Stamina) and it the main reason why charge moves cannot be rapidly used during the battles. Charge Move has the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB). So if the Pokémon and the Charge Move is the same type, Charge Move Power will be multiplied by 1.25.

There are several key factors measuring Charge Move in the Pokémon Go game. It’s Power, Energy, Cooldown Time and Damage per Second (DPS). It’s important to note that Energy is negative. This means Energy is consumed not generated and Charge Moves must be ‘charged’ in advance in order to be used.

How to Assign a Pokémon to a Gym

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There are three ways you can assign a Pokémon to a gym.

    1. The easiest way is to find a gym controlled by your team with a space to jump straight in. You will see the icon at the bottom left side of your screen highlighted. Just tap the icon and choose the Pokémon you would like to assign.
    2. Next best way is to train in your own teams gym.
      If no place for a new Pokémon is available you can train with your team to raise the gym prestige. This will happen at the end of each round when your six Pokémon have been beaten, or you have beat all the Pokémon in the gym. After the training exercise you will see the gym prestige level raise, the circular meter will need to go all the way around to be raised by one level. This often takes several attempts depending on the level of the gym.
    3. Battling in a rival teams gym can sometimes be the quickest and easiest way to assign a Pokémon. The process is similar to training in a gym but some factors need to be looked at. This is cool if you want to overtake the gym and change it for to your team, but is not always the best strategy for collecting Pokécoins. If you’r by yourself and assign one Pokémon to a gym this can be quickly overtaken by a rival team. You will have the choice to collect your Pokécoins strait away or take a chance on going other gyms and accumulating your coins.Tips on Selecting the Best Gyms for More Pokécoins

you will see a new icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. It looks like the Pokémon symbol with a plus (+) sign next to it. See it on VIDEO

Tap the add icon and then select the Pokémon you wish to leave behind. Don’t leave your biggest and best because you won’t be able to use that specific Pokémon until an opposing team beats you and kicks you out of the gym.
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How to assign a Pokémon to a Level 10 Friendly Gym

This can only be done in two ways.

    1.  This way is considered ” not cool “.
      To assign a Pokémon to your team gym at Level 10 you can have a second Pokémon Go account with another team at level 5 minimum. You can battle against the first Pokémon in the gym and exit each time after winning. This is most effective when using a lower CP Pokémon than the one you are battling. The gym prestige will quickly go down to Level 9. This way is considered to be uncool with the Pokémon Go community and is no way recommended from this article.

  1. Enter a Level 10 gym under attack by a rival team.
    If you see a Level 10 gym under attack, by the smoke and activity on top of the gym you will have a good chance to assign a Pokémon. Level 10 gyms take a while to be overtaken and as soon as the level drops you can assign your Pokémon. Often campaigns to overtake Level 10 gyms are not successful so there is a good chance your Pokémon will remain there for a while.

    Tips on selecting the best Gyms to Collect the Most Pokecoins

    1. Train in your team gyms with High Levels.
      Training in high level gyms usually takes a bit more effort to raise the prestige and make a space to assign your Pokémon, but it is worth it. High level gyms are more difficult for other rival teams to overtake.
    2. When you are close to collecting your daily Pokécoins, perhaps regularly from Pokémon assigned to high level gyms try to find low level gyms to overtake. Even if you find just one it will add to your daily “every 21 hour cycle” coin collection.I have found that some of my Pokémon assigned to Level 10 Gyms reward me with Pokécoins for weeks until I need to train into these again.

How to Claim Pokécoins

How to claim pokecoins

Once you have successfully assigned a Pokémon at a Gym to defend it, you can open the Shop screen to collect your Defender Bonus.

You should see a shield at the top right with a number within it, representing the number of Pokémon you have left at Gyms. This bonus can be collected from anywhere and can be collected once every 21 hours. If it has been more than 21 hours since you have last collected a bonus, you can claim it immediatly.

Because it can be pretty difficult to hold a Gym for 21 hours, take this strategy into consideration: Find an area with plenty of Gyms all nearby at a time when few people visit. Claim all of the Gyms in quick succession, preferably with a band of your teammates, and then claim your Defender Bonus.

Pokémon Go Gym Battles and Training VIDEO

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