Pokémon Go Evolutions Chart Gen 1 and 2

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pokemon go abra evolving into kadabra into alakazam

Abra   Kadabra   Alakazam

o evs aipom ampharos aerodactyl articuno

Aipom   Ampharos   Aerodactyl   Articuno

bellsprout victreebel weepinbell

Bellsprout   Victreebel   Weepinbell

ekans evolving into arbok

Ekans   Arbok

bulbasaur ivysaur venosaur

Bulbasaur   Ivysaur   Venosaur

caterpie evolving into metapod evolving into butterfree

Caterpie   Metapod   Butterfree

charmander evolving into charmeleon evolving into charizard

Charmander   Charmeleon   Charizard

chikorita evolving into bayleef evolving into meganium

Chikorita   Bayleef   Meganium

pokemon go chinchou evolving into lanturn.

Chinchou   Lanturn

evolving cleffa into clefable evolving into clefable.

Cleffa   Clefairy   Cleafable

evolving cubone into marowak

Cubone   Marowak

evolving cyndaquil into quilava evolving into typhiosion

Cyndaquil   Quilava   Typhlosion

evolving chansey into blissey

Chansey   Blissey

no evolution celebi corsola delibird dunsparce

Celebi   Corsola   Delibird   Dunsparce

diglett evolving into dugtrio

Diglett   Dugtrio

elekid evolving into electabuzz

Elekid   Electabuzz

evolving doduo into dodrio

Doduo   Dodrio

evolving dratini into dragonair into dragonite

Dratini   Dragonair   Dragonite

evolving drowzee into hypno

Drowzee   Hypno

evolving eevee into espeon flareon jolteon umbreon vaporeon

Eevee   Espeon   Flareon   Jolteon   Umbreon   Vaporeon

How to Controll Eevee Evolutions VIDEO 

evolving exeggcute into exeggutor

Exeggcute   Exeggutor

no evolution entei ditto farfetchd girafarid

Entei   Ditto   Farfetch’d   Girafarig

evolving gloom into vileplume or bellossom with special item sun stone.

Gloom   Vileplume   Bellossom   Sun Stone

gastly haunter gengar

Gastly   Haunter   Gengar

goldeen evolving into seaking

Goldeen   Seaking

grimer evolving into muk

Grimer   Muk

evolving growlith into arcanine

Growlith   Arcanine

evolving horsea into sedra and using dragon scale to evolve sedra into kingdra

Horsea   Sedra   Kingdra   Dragon Scale

no evolution gligar herasross ho oh kangaskhan

Gligar   Heracross   Ho Oh   Kangaskhan

hoothoot evolving into noctowl

Hoothoot   Noctowl

evolving hoppip into skiploom into jumpluff

Hoppip   Skiploom   Jumpluff

evolving houndour into houndoom

Houndour   Houndoom

evolving igglybuff into jigglypuff into wigglytuff

Igglybuff   Jigglybuff   Wigglytuff

evolving kabuto into kabutops

Kabuto   Kabutops

evolving koffing into weezing

Koffing   Weezing

evolving krabby into kingler

Krabby   Kingler

evolving larvitar into pupitar into tyranitar

Larvitar   Pupitar   Tyranitar

evolving lebyba into ledian

Lebyba   Ledian

no evolution lugia lapras lickitung mantine

Lugia   Lapras   Lickitung   Mantine

evolving machop into machoke into machamp

Machop   Machoke   Machamp

evolving magikarp into gyarados

Magikarp   Gyarados

evolving magnemite into magneton.

Magnemite   Magneton

evolving mankey into primeape

Mankey   Primeape

evolving meowth into persian

Meowth   Persian

evolving magby into magmar

Magby   Magmar

evolving mareep into flaaffy into ampharos

Mareep   Flaaffy   Ampharos

evolving marill into azumarill

Marill   Azumarill

no evolution moltres mr mime miltank misdreavus

Moltres   Mr Mime   Miltank   Misdreavus

evolving natu into xatu

Natu   Xatu

evolving female nidoran into nidorina into nidoqueen

Nidoran f   Nidorina   Nidoqueen

evolving male nidoran into nidorino into nidoking

Nidoran m   Nidorino   Nidoking

evolving oddish into gloom into vileplume

Oddish   Gloom   Vileplume

evolving omanyte into omastar

Omanyte   Omastar

evolving onix into steelix with special item metal coat

Onix   Steelix   Metal Coat

evolving paras into parasect

Paras   Parasect

evolving pidgey into pidgeotto into pidgeot

Pidgey   Pidgeotto   Pidgeot

evolving pichu into pikachu into raichu

Pichu   Pikachu   Raichu

evolving phanpy into donpham

Phanpy   Donphan

evolving pineco into forretress

Pineco   Forretress

no evolution murkrow pinsir quilfish

Murkrow   Pinsir   Quilfish

evolving poliwag into poliwhirl into poliwrath

Poliwag   Poliwhirl   Poliwrath

evolving poliwhirl into poliwrath or politoad with special item kings rock

Poliwhirl   Poliwrath   Politoad    Kings Rock

evolving ponyta into rapidash

Ponyta   Rapidash

evolving porygon into porygon2 using special item upgrade

Porygon   Porygon2   Upgrade

evolving psyduck into golduck

Psyduck   Golduck

evolving remoraid into octillery

Remoraid   Octillery

evolving Rattata into Raticate

Rattata   Raticate

evolving rhyhorn into rhydon

Rhyhorn   Rhydon

evolving scyther into scizor with special item metal coat

Scyther   Scizor

evolving sentret into furret

Sentret   Furret

no evolution raikou shuckle skarmory smeargle

Raikou   Shuckle   Skarmory   Smeargle

no evolution sneasel stantler sudowoodo suicune

Sneasel   Stantler   Sudowoodo   Suicune

evolving slugma into magcargo

Slugma   Magcargo

evolving smoochum into jynx

Smoochum   Jynx

evolving sandshrew into sandslash

Sandshrew   Sandslash

evolving seel into dewong

Seel   Dewong

evolving shelder into cloyster

Shelder   Cloyster

evolving slowpoke into slowbro or into slowking using special item kings rock

Slowpoke   Slowbro   Slowking   Kings Rock

evolving spearow into fearow

Spearow   Fearow

evolving squirtle into wartortle into blastoise

Squirtle   Wartortle   Blastoise

evolving staryu into starmie

Staryu   Starmie

evolving snubbell into granbull

Snubbell   Granbull

evolving spinarak into ariados

Spinarak   Ariados

evolving sunkern into sunflora using special item sun stone

Sunkern   Sunflora   Sun Stone

evolving swinub into piloswine

Swinub   Piloswine

evolving tentacool into Tentacruel

Tentacool   Tentacruel

no evolution snorlax tangela tauros unown

Snorlax   Tangela   Tauros   Unown

evolving teddiursa into ursaring

Teddiursa   Ursaring

evolving togepi into togetic

Togepi   Togetic

evolving totodile into croconaw into feraligatr

Totodile   Croconaw   Feraligatr

evolving tyrogue into hitmontop or hitmonchan or hitmonlee

Tyrogue   Hitmonchan   Hitmonlee   Hitmontop – How to choose your Tyrogue Evolution

evolving venonat into venomoth

Venonat   Venomoth

evolving voltorb into electrode

Voltorb   Electrode

evolving vulpix into ninetales.

Vulpix   Ninetales

evolving weedle into kakuna into beedrill

Weedle   Kakuna   Beedrill

evolving wooper into quagsire

Wooper   Quagsire

no evolution wobbuffet yanma zapdos

Wobbuffet   Yanma   Zapdos  

evolving Zubat into golbat into crobat

Zubat  Golbat  Crobat
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Pokémon Go – Evolving Pokémon Video

Videos A – Z

Pokémon Go – How to Evolve Pokémon

When we catch, transfer and walk with a buddy we receive candy for that species of Pokémon.
There candy can then used to evolve your Pokémon.
Candy is also used in conjunction with stardust to power up Pokémon

How to evolve a pokemon

Evolving your Pokémon is done in 4 easy steps.

  1. Touch the Map icon at the bottom center of the game screen.
  2. Tap the Pokémon icon on bottom left side of the screen.
  3. Make a selection from your Pokémon storage.
  4. Touch the Evolve button on the Pokémon info page.Note: You can only evolve Pokémon you have the required candy for, and some need an additional Special Item.

Pokemon Go – Evolving Pokemon with Special Items

special items pic.

The Special Items above are used for evolving eight of the original Generation one Pokémon.

Dragon Scale and 100 Horsea candy to evolve Seadra into Kingdra.

Metal Coat and 50 Onix candy to evolve Onix into Steelix.

Metal Coat and 50 Scyther candy to evolve Scyther into Scizor.

Sun Stone and 100 Oddish candy to evolve Gloom into Bellossom.

Sun Stone and 50 Sunkern candy to evolve Sunkern into Sunflora.

Kings Rock and 50 Slowpoke candy to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking.

Kings Rock and 100 Polywhirl candy to evolve Poliwhirl into into Politoad.

Upgrade and 50 Porygon candy to evolve Porygon into Porygon2.

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Small Quick View    

Small view Abra to Igglybuff

Small view Kabuto to Psyduck

Small view Remoraid to Zubat

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