Pokémon Go Dewgong #087 Evolution Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Dewgong Evolution Info and Video

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Basic Info

  • Pokédex Entry– #087
  • Max CP – 1894
  • Type / Types – Water, Ice
  • Species – Sea Lion Pokemon
  • Hatches from NO egg
  • 3 km Buddy
  •  Video 
  • Evolution – Evolves From Seel #088
    evolving seel into dewgong
  • Spawn Locations – Water type Pokémon commonly spawn near all water areas, including fountains and small local ponds and creeks.
    water type
    Ice type Pokémon commonly spawn near ski slopes, grassy areas and large bodies of water.
    ice type

Pokémon Go Video – Catching Dewgong and Gym Battles

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    • Type Quick Moves

Ice – Frost Breath

Steel – Iron Tail

  • Type Charge Moves

Ice – Aura Beam, Blizzard

Water – Water Pulse

Best Moves

  • Quick – Frost Breath
  • Charge – Blizzard

Dewgong Strengths and Weaknesses in Gym Battles

water type pokemon

ice type pokemon