Pokémon Go CP and HP Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go CP and HP Explained

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What is CP and how is it used

CP (combat points) is one measure of a Pokémon’s effectiveness in battle, a Pokémon’s CP level never gets lower and is raised when you Power Up your Pokémon. CP levels are often seen by new trainers as the only indicator of a Pokémon’s strength and will battle and keep Pokémon based on there CP alone but a Pokémon’s HP is also very important.

See the VIDEO that proves this.See the VIDEO that proves this

What is HP and how is it used

HP (health points) are depleted during battle and are re-fueled with Potion or a Revive and Potion if fully depleted.


Reviving Pokémon VIDEO and Evolving Pidgey Comparison

In the Video I revive some Pokémon and Evolve 2 Pidgey’s with same CP and Different HP

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