Pokémon Go Corsola #222 Evolution Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Corsola Evolution Info and Video

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Basic Info

  • Pokédex Entry– #222
  • Max CP – 1214
  • Type / Types – Water, Rock
  • Species – Coral Pokemon
  • Hatches from 5km egg
  • 3 km Buddy
  •  Video 
  • Evolution – NO
    Regional Specific Pokemon
    Spawns Between 31N and 26S Latitudes. In short this includes – but not all parts of – south Florida, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia and more.

  • Spawn Locations -Water type Pokémon commonly spawn near all water areas, including fountains and small local ponds and creeks. 

    water type
    Rock type Pokémon commonly spawn near quarries and rocky areas like cliffs and beaches, also parking lots, highways, farmlands and commercial installations.
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Pokémon Go Video – Catching Corsola and Gym Battles

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    • Type Quick Moves

Water – Bubble

Normal – Tackle

  • Type Charge Moves

Water – Bubble Beam

Rock – Power Gem, Rock Blast

Best Moves

  • Quick – Bubble
  • Charge – Power Gem

Corsola Strengths and Weaknesses in Gym Battles

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