Pokémon Go Candy – How to get more Info and VIDEO

What is Pokémon Go Candy used for

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Each Pokémon and its evolution family has it’s own type of Candy
eg: Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu Candy is the same.

Pokémon Go Candy is used in two ways –

  1. To evolve Pokémon when you have the required amount of candy ( if it has an evolution ).
    The required amount will be displayed next to the Evolve Tab, when you have enough the
    tab will be active, be careful not to touch this until your ready to evolve your Pokémon.
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  2. To power up Pokémon in conjunction with Stardust to increase CP and HP level.
    The HP level is expended when battling in Gyms and replenished with Potion
    the CP level remains the same until 
    you power up. More Info – StardustCP and HP

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How is Pokémon Go Candy Collected

Pokémon Go Candy is collected in four ways –

  1. Candy for Pokémon you catch – x 3
  2. Candy for Pokémon you transfer – x 1
  3. Candy from walking with your Buddy.
  4. Hatching Pokémon, the Candy received from Walking and Hatching Eggs varies quite a bit

from 3 – over 30 in some cases.
2k eggs – 4-12 candy
5k eggs – 10-21 candy
10k eggs – 16-32 candy

You can get Double Candy for catching a pokémon if you use a Pinap Berry.

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Pokémon Go Collecting Candy VIDEO

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