Pokémon Go Berries – Razz – Pinap – Nanab Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Razz Pinap and Nanab Berries 

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Receiving and Using Berries VIDEO

Generation 2 Pokémon Go update has brought us more than extra Pokémon to catch. One new feature I particularly like are the new berries and the way we can now use them. Selecting to use a these items rite from the game play screen is just great.

What are Berries used for in Pokémon Go

These three items all have very different uses and you can only use one at a time. It will come down to your strategy when choosing what berry to use on particular Pokémon.

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Razz Berries make Pokémon easier to keep in the ball. These were the first ones introduced into the game in generation 1 and are best used on high CP Pokémon and ones that keep escaping.

pokemon go abra with razz berry
Nanab Berries help prevent Pokémon from running away, these are most useful when you encounter a new Pokémon or ones that often flee like Abra. Note : These will help in keeping the Pokémon from running away but wont stop them in some cases.

pokemon go natu with nanab berry


Pinap Berries give you double the candy from catching the Pokémon. These are best used on Pokémon you want to evolve.

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Where can I get more Berries 

Pokémon Go berries are only available from pokéstops and are not able to be purchased from the shop like some other items.

How do I use Pokémon Go Berries 

First you will need to have at least one berry in your items storageThese can only be used when a Pokémon appears and you are ready to catch it on your game screen. you just tap the berry icon in the bottom left corner and select the one you wold like to use. The berry will then appear on your screen. You don’t need to throw these at the Pokémon just tap it. If the Pokémon escapes from the ball the affect will be gone and another one will need to be used, if you like.

Video on receiving and using Pokémon Go Berries 

In the video below I receive berries and other items from Pokéstops. Then I use each kind of berry to catch three Pokémon.

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