Pokémon Go Bag and Storage Upgrades Info and VIDEO

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Pokémon Go Bag and Storage Upgrades

I used to always trash a lot of Potions and Razz Berries to make room for more Pokéballs but I did’nt like doing this, after upgrading my bag to 1000 items I was able to hold enough of everything to be comfortable, usually I would still be trashing some standard Potions as the Max Potions and Hyper Potions got built up but I would usually walk around with around 500 – 700 Balls

Pokémon Go Bag and Upgrades

Your Pokémon Bag will start at 350 storage spaces, this can be upgraded to 1000 storage spaces, this comes in handy when you go to areas with lots of Pokéstops, Item storage upgrades are done in increments of 50 storage spaces in exchange for 200 Pokecoins.

Pokémon Go Storage and Upgrades

Pokemon Storage starts at 250 Pokémon places, and like the items storage goes as high as 1000. This does the job for a while but once you get the full Pokédex or close to it you may not want to send some Pokémon to the Professor even if you have several of them, I know I can’t bring myself to give the Professor my smallest Snorlax, even at just CP 42, it’s still a Snorlax, same goes for Dragonite’s, Charizard and quite a few others which I would”nt get rid of unless I had ten of them. Pokémon Storage upgrades cost the same as the Bag Upgrades, 50 Pokémon storage places in exchange for 200 Pokécoins.


Pokémon Go My Pokemon and Items Storage Video

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