Pokémon Go Ariados #168 Evolution Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Ariados Evolution Info and Video

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Basic Info

  • Pokédex Entry– #168
  • Max CP – 1636
  • Type / Types – Bug / Poison
    • Species – Long Leg Pokemon
  • Hatches from NO egg
  • 1 km Buddy
  •  Video 
  • Evolution – Evolves from Spinarak #167
    evolving spinarak into ariados
  • Spawn Locations – Poison type Pokémon commonly spawn near wetlands, marshes and industrial estates.
    poison type
    Bug type Pokémon commonly spawn near farms, fields, forests, playgrounds, open grassy areas and countryside.
    bug type

Pokémon Go Video – Catching Ariados and Gym Battles

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    • Type Quick Moves

Bug – Infestation

Poison Poison Sting

  • Type Charge Moves

Bug – Megahorn

Ghost – Shodow Sneak

Poison – Cross Poison

Best Moves

  • Quick – Zen Headbut
  • Charge – Psyshock

Ariados Strengths and Weaknesses in Gym Battles

bug type pokemon

poison type pokemon