Pokémon Go Aerodactyl #142 Evolution Info and VIDEO

Pokémon Go Aerodactyl Evolution Info and Video

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Basic Info

  • Pokédex Entry– #142
  • Max CP – 2608
  • Type / Types – Rock / Flying
  • Species – Fossil
  • Hatches from 10km egg
  • 5 km Buddy
  • Video 
  • Evolution – No Evolution
  • Spawn Locations – Rock type Pokémon commonly spawn near quarries and rocky areas like cliffs and beaches, also parking lots, highways, farmlands and commercial installations. rock type
    Flying type Pokémon commonly spawn near parks, playgrounds, farmlands, gardens and grassy areas. Some are very common in residential areas.
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Pokémon Go Video – Catching Aerodactyl and Gym Battles


    • Type Quick Moves

Dark – Bite

Steel – Steel Wing

  • Type Charge Moves

Rock – Ancient Power

Steel – Iron Head

Normal – Hyper Beam

Best Moves

  • Quick – Steel Wing
  • Charge – Hyper Beam

Aerodactyl Strengths and Weaknesses in Gym Battles

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